Strataflex is a high strength, self-bonding, elastomeric sheet applied membrane. It is composed of a tough non-asbestos fiber sheet, laminated to a polymer modified bitumen. Strataflex has a unique "Stress Flex" fabric and provides a perfect thin-bed or thick-bed application for the installation of ceramic tile, marble, pavers, or brick. The elastomeric base layer is a waterproofing membrane that is self-bonding, self-healing and self-seaming.

Strataflex adheres permanently to the substrate, forming a continuous, impervious water barrier. The 40 mil thickness is calibrated at the factory, eliminating thin spots common to liquid applied systems. Strataflex stays flexible. It won't dry out or crack under structural stress and is capable of withstanding extreme climates. Strataflex serves as a waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane system, bridging up to 3/8" horizontal expansion and contraction. Strataflex provides crack protection for finished floors while waterproofing underlying and surrounding building structures.

Recommended Uses

Thin-bed installation of ceramic tile products, marble, pavers, or brick requiring integrated waterproofing such as: above grade food courts - restaurants - balconies - decks - commercial kitchens - showers - lavatories - parking decks - wood floors & glass mesh mortar units - laundry rooms and other areas needing above grade water protection. It can be applied over: concrete - wood particle board - tile - VA tile - metal - asbestos floor tile. Strataflex is effective eliminating tile failures on structural slabs under live or dead loads. Strataflex is also useful for encapsulation of asbestos floor tile.

Features And Benefits

  • Waterproofing & Anti-Fracture Qualities
  • Reduces Live & Dead Load Failures on Structural Slabs
  • Containment of Asbestos Floor Tile
  • Self-Bonding, Self-Seaming, Self-Healing
  • Heavy Duty, Load Bearing
  • Same Day Installation of Membrane & Floor Tile
  • No Floor Depression Necessary
  • Thin-bed & Thick-bed Application
  • No Specialized Equipment Needed

Short Form Specification

WATERPROOF MEMBRANE shall be Strataflex thin-bed waterproof membrane consisting of a 40 mil, self-adhering, two-component sheet membrane. The reinforced fiber sheet is laminated to a polymer modified elastomeric base sheet which is capable of extra heavy duty service per ASTM C-627. Joints shall be a 2" overlapping self-sealing design to form a watertight seal. (Patent Pending)

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