No Sound Rated Ceiling Assembly Required

The Super SAM 125 (Sound Abatement Mat) System, membrane and primer, provides three functions. It is a sound reduction membrane, a crack suppression membrane and a waterproof membrane when used with an approved sealant, all in one easy-to-use roll. Recommended for light commercial and residential projects.

How It Works:

The Super SAM 125 System is a 125 mil, self-adhering, sound deadening sheet membrane for use over 6" or 8" concrete slabs without a sound rated ceiling assembly. It is chemically formulated to reduce airborne (STC) and impact (IIC) sound transmission when used under stone, ceramic and porcelain tile, wood and commercial grade vinyl tile. The Super SAM System is composed of modified elastomers, sound deadening resins and reinforced woven fibers. Super SAM self-adhering composition produces a quick and economical installation over 6" and 8" concrete slabs without sound rated ceiling assemblies.

Short Form Specifications

Sound Abatement / Anti-Fracture/Crack Suppression/Waterproofing Membrane:

1. Material: Provide Super SAM 125 elastomeric membrane as manufactured by NAC Products, Inc., 3200 S. Main St., Akron, OH, 44319, 800-633-4622 or Architect approved equal.
I. 125 mil thick load bearing membrane, capable of 3/8" lateral crack suppression
II. Waterproofing, self-bonding, pressure-sensitive sheet
III. Compatible with most latex modified, medium bed mortars, epoxies and adhesives.
Provide NAC TAC Primer for interiors or NS97 Primer for exterior/wet areas. Full floor butt joint application as recommended by manufacturer.
2. Equipment: Damp mop, industrial vacuum, chalk line, 75-100# roller or flat trowel, paint roller applicator or brush, hook or razor knife.
3. Warranty: National Applied Construction Products, Inc. "Lifetime Fracture Free" Warranty in writing for full floor coverage projects. According to independent lab tests, Super SAM has a rating 14 points higher than SAM3. Contact National Applied Construction Products, Inc. for specifics on any of the product information.


Features and Benefits:

Sound Abatement over 6" and 8" concrete slabs
• Sound rated ceiling assembly not required
• Interior and exterior application
• Protects tile floors from reflective cracking and delamination
• Reduces live and dead load failures
• Safely covers dangerous asbestos flooring
• Eliminates cutting tile to meet control/cold joints
• No need to remove old floors or recess new ones
• Medium or mortar bed tile application
• Light Commercial/Residential load rating
• Self-bonding and self-healing
• Same day installation of membrane and floor tile.
• No specialized equipment needed
• Waterproof/Vapor Barrier

Recommended Uses

The Super SAM 125 System is designed for floors requiring an Impact Insulation Class (IIC) rating not less than 50 and a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of not less than 50, as determined by ASTM Standards E90, E413 and E492. Assemble to meet or exceed tile industry standards.
Medium bed installation of ceramic tile products, stone, pavers, or brick requiring sound abatement such as: apartments, condominiums, multi-level hotels, high-rise office buildings, media rooms, children play areas and other areas needing sound reduction. Other finished floors may be acceptable, check with manufacturer. Super SAM 125 can be applied interior and exterior over:
Concrete: Poured, pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete cured at least 28 days. Concrete backerboard, mud beds, concrete block, gypsum, light weight concrete, patching compounds and radiant heated / warm floors. Wood: Exterior or exposure 1 plywood, APA-rated sheathing, Sturd-I-Floor, hardwood, tongue and groove and OSB with standard face. (Gap between sheeting as required.) Other Substrates: Ceramic and porcelain tile, stone, terrazzo, VCT/VAT, metal, painted and sealed floors and floors damaged by dry shrinkage and structural movement.

• Black Mat MVT (Moisture Vapor Transmission) test to determine if MVT is present. If
MVT is present, conduct F-1869-98 test for Moisture Vapor Emissions. Vapor drive should not exceed 10#/thousand square feet in 24-hours.
• For absorptive surfaces, apply one coat of 101 Floor Prep. Let cure 3 to 4 hours or overnight before applying primer.
• For concrete block, a cementitious parge coat must be applied to concrete block and cured before priming.
• Substrates must be dry, well adhered, clean of wax, petroleum, sealers, dirt, grease, oil or other inhibitors. Some concrete boards are not suitable for the application of Super SAM 125; check with the manufacturer
• Refer to the current year TCA handbook.

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