Companion Products

NAC companion products support a variety of NAC Membrane Systems in a wide range of applications.

Moisture Lock 101®




Moisture Lock 101® is a clear, water-based chemical floor hardener for porous, 

cementitious substrates that reacts with the free lime and calcium carbonate in concrete, to fill and seal pores and capillaries to harden and dust proof surfaces.


Moisture Lock 101® maximizes the coverage of NAC Primers by minimizing absorption into porous, cementitious substrates, such as absorptive, moderately hard concrete, mud beds, gypsum,

gypcrete, lightweight concrete and patching/leveling compounds. 

Moisture Lock 101® has a 10-15% porosity reduction, however it will not salvage honeycombed or structurally unsound surfaces



Moisture Lock 101® can be applied evenly with a roller, brush or squeegee. Bubbling indicates activation of Moisture Lock 101® into substrate. Up to (but no more than) three applications may be required.


After first or second application, white crystals may develop if surface has already reached maximum hardness. If this occurs, flush surface liberally with clean, preferably hot water while rapidly brushing floor with a stiff bristled broom. Mop up excess water, solutions and puddles.


Moisture Vapor Transmission:

To reduce moisture vapor transmission, apply one coat of Moisture Lock 101®. Allow to visibly dry. For best results, allow floor to dry for 24 hours.


Apply the appropriate NAC primer (refer to the Primer Reference Chart) to protect against Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) when used with NAC sheet membranes.


NAC TAC (Blue) and NS97 will provide up to 10#/1000 SF/24 HRS protection.


NAC TAC II (Green) will provide up to 7#/1000 SF/24 HRS protection.



Moisture Lock 101® will cover 100-300 square feet per gallon depending on applicator type and porosity of the substrate.


Clean Up:

Do not allow Moisture Lock 101® to come in contact with glass, fabric, metal or painted surfaces.  If contact occurs, wipe contaminated surface immediately with a clean, water saturated cloth then wipe dry with a second clean cloth.


Clean all tools and equipment with water immediately after use.  Dispose of unused material according to local regulations.



Moisture Lock 101® has a 12 month shelf life.  Store in original, tightly sealed container in a cool dry area.  Do not store below 35 degrees F (2 degrees C) as 

Moisture Lock 101® is not freeze/thaw stable.  In the event that a freeze/thaw occurs, salvage may be possible. Allow  Moisture Lock 101® to warm up then attempt to shake to remix.  If product will not remix, do not use.



Moisture Lock 101® is available in one gallon jugs (4/carton) and 5 gallon pails. 



Literature:  PDS  SDS

Preformed Fabric Corners



NAC Pre-Formed Inside (PFI) & Pre-Formed Outside (PFO) corners are a lightweight, breathable fabric that can be used in conjunction with SubSeal® Liquid Waterproofing Membrane to provide an extra layer of waterproof protection in corner areas.


PFI & PFO corners are commonly used for 

on grade or above grade interior and 

exterior waterproofing solutions, or in areas above living/usable spaces.


PFI & PFO corners allow for substrate movment on 90 degree interior and exterior corners in walls and floors and ensures the integrity of waterproofing



Apply SubSeal® Liquid Waterproof Membrane with a brush to the corner area being treated.  Press the PFI or PFO fabric corner into place and flatten with a margin trowel or flat object. 


Allow fabric to soak into SubSeal® Liquid 

and let dry, approximately 30 minutes or until the liquid has cured.


Apply a second coat of SubSeal® Liquid

to the outer face of the corner, assuring full coverage over the fabric.


Let the membrane fully cure (approx 30 minutes)



PFI & PFO corners are available in packs of 25.


The Extreme Deck Waterproofing Kit for 300 sqft decks contain six PFI and four PFO corners.



Literature:  PDS  SDS

6" Seam Tape




Seam tape is a 6" double-stick elastomeric tape designed for use with NAC sheet applied and liquid applied membrane 



Seam tape can be used for interior and exterior applications to waterproof seams, joints, shower curbs, drains, exterior decks and balconies and other protrusions.  Seam tape is a double stick product but it must be used with an NAC Primer for maximum adhesion.


Seam tape is NOT a stand alone product and where exposed, must be covered with membrane.


Seam tape is appropriate for thin bed and thick bed applications and tile may be installed same day if no flood testing is required.



Follow the instructions for surface preparation for membrane installation. Apply the appropriate primer based on the Primer Reference chart to the area where the seam tape and membrane will be installed.


Cut seam tape and membrane to desired length.  Position the seam tape with the release paper facing down and the membrane overlapping the seam tape by 

3".  Remove release paper from the under side and apply seam tape to the area that was primed. Use the flat side of a trowel to press the seam tape into place.


Allow the membrane to overlap the seam tape by 3".  Start the second membrane over the remaining 3" of seam tape and butt-joint the sheet membranes together. DO NOT overlap the membranes.


Remove the protective film from the top of the seam tape and press membrane into Seam Tape.  Use the flat side of a trowel or a 75-100# roller to finish the installation.


For floor to wall installation, flash Seam tape up the wall 3", leaving 3" of Seam tape on the floor.  Follow membrane instructions to complete the installation.



Seam Tape is available in 6"x50' rolls and can be ordered in custom widths. An NAC Primer is required for use with Seam Tape. 


Literature:  PDS  SDS


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