Jobsite Protection Products

NAC offers an array of jobsite protection products that deliver superior protection during the building and remodeling process. These professional grade contractor’s papers and tapes will protect a wide variety of flooring including tile, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, concrete, carpet and more. Keep your floors protected from stains, paint, spills, tools, glue and grime.

X-Board Paint + Remodel
A breathable surface protector that allows floors to continue the curing process.
This easy-to-use painter board lays flat when rolled out. Spill Block technology ensures no paint, mud or water will get through to your surface. X-Board will last for the endurance of the job and features our innovative liquid repellent technology. Floor protection board is proudly made in the USA.
White Top Construction Paper
Perfect for protecting carpets, ceramic tile, hardwood, concrete, brick, and vinyl from paint and construction equipment. Flooring paper is laminated with high tech fiber coating, has superior moisture hold out and avoids tears. Over 50 percent heavier than regular rosin paper. For best results, use brown on the top and white on the bottom.
Red Rosin Paper
Red Rosin Regular weight paper provides a superior moisture barrier making this paper great for all flooring projects. Flooring paper rolls are economical and easy to work with. Red rosin paper is 100% recycled and made in the USA.
50lb Flooring Paper
50lb Flooring Paper is a lighter alternative to Builder's Paper and Red Rosin Paper. This flooring paper is larger in size and great for large-scale paint and construction projects. The easy to use rolls provide floor and surface protection during construction. Flooring paper is proudly made in the USA.
Builder's Paper
Builder's Paper is an economical, kraft construction paper which is large enough for several projects. It can be used as a paint drop cloth and runner or for general protection. Flooring paper can also be used to protect cabinets, counter tops and other surfaces. Rolls are easy to handle, and proudly made in the USA.
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