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As a way of commemorating our 30th anniversary in 2013, NAC developed the calendar "Classic Vehicle From The Tile Industry" showcasing classic vehicles owned by people throughout the tile industry.  NAC founder Tom Duve has met and worked with a wide variety of people in the tile industry and realized there are a lot of people in the industry that share his passion for classic vehicles.  With tremendous response and feedback from people within, as well as outside the flooring industry, NAC followed up with the 2014 calendar.  The calendar has now become an annual event with people from throughout the industry submitting their vehicles to be included each year.

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2020 Calendar
Big Red owned by Tom Duve, NAC Products
2018 Calendar
2019 Calendar
Cover 19 Car Only.jpg
Big Red owned by Tom Duve, NAC Products
2017 Calendar
Big Red owned by Tom Duve, NAC Products
2016 Calendar
1968 Dodge Dart Hemi Tribute
2015 Calendar
1969 Camaro owned by Lou Giannini, Pro Tile Distributors
2014 Calendar
2013 Calendar
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