NAC offers sheet applied and liquid applied membrane solutions for long lasting waterproof proetection. Strataflex sheet and SubSeal liquid membranes are stand alone waterproofing products that will provide a water tight seal creating a new surface for finished floor installations.  In addition, both waterproof membranes also have crack isolation capabilities.  For exterior decks, NAC has combined the waterproofing capabilities of sheet and liquid to create the Extreme Deck Waterproofing System.  This system provides a double layer waterproof defense for exterior decks in areas over a living space, and especially in extreme heat and cold conditions assuring lasting protection of your deck.

Strataflex Sheet 


Strataflex is 40 mil (approximately a light 1/16") thick elastomeric sheet membrane that features a 2" double-stick lap joint to enable quicker sealing of side seams while creating a water tight seal to assure waterproof defense. 


Perfect for interior or exterior use, Strataflex also provides crack protection for finished floors while effectively waterproofing underlying and surrounding building structures.


ECB®, SAM®³, SAM®³ 90 and Super SAM®125 can be used for waterproofing with the proper sealing of seams, corners, drains and protrusions.


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SubSeal Liquid 


SubSeal® is a high solids, one part, ready-to-use liquid waterproofing membrane.


Efficient for coverage of large areas as well as for bead applications, SubSeal® also functions as a sealant, stand-alone crack suppressant and moisture barrier for hard surface, resilient and wood flooring and is easily applied by trowel, roller, brush or airless sprayer.


Approximate coverage of 110 sq. ft. per gallon.




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Extreme Deck Waterproofing System


The NAC Extreme Deck System is a unique, total waterproofing solution designed to protect your exterior deck from extreme heat and cold conditions especially if the deck is above a living space.  


The Extreme Deck System consists of Strataflex sheet and SubSeal® liquid waterproofing membranes combining to form a double layer of waterproof protection.  


The thin, low-profile system (50 mils dry/ <1/4") is a perfect solution for low threshold applications especially for balconies and decks over living spaces.


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